Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery


Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery

Towards the end of 2014, three beer lovers, Johan Stumpf (master brewer), Pine Pienaar (master beer lover) and Chris Sykes (master apprentice), decided (after a few beers), that Storms River need a craft brewery to ensure a constant supply of good beer in the Tsitsikamma.

An old building on the village main road has been converted into a brewery and tasting room, and the first test brew took place at the end of August 2014.

  • Three of our Ales are brewed according to the 1487 German Reinheistsgebot (purity law): using onlu barley, hops and water. Our ingredients are carefully selected and the water is from our own well.
  • Currently we produce four Ales (generally having more flavour than Lagers): Storms River Ale, Redwood Ale, the Woodcutters Ale and Baines Black Ale.
  • Our tasting room also showcases products from other Craft Breweries, a choice of more than 28 beers; and most importantly – has an off-sales license!
  • We brew 3 to 4 times a week, pop in and see our Ales being made.
  • Order you beer within the Village and we will deliver the same day by bicycle. Alcohol is not for sale to persons under 18.


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Darnell Street, Stormsrivier, South Africa


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