Makayabella Guesthouse


 Makayabella Guesthouse

Your accommodation has a Mediterranean look, surrounded by a tree-rich, mostly indigenous garden which was developed organically by me since 2005. The view to the sunny north features Storms River Peak with a strip of Fynbos which consist of small scrubby plants, Erica, Proteas and Restio reeds.
Take a 2 km walk along the old Port Elizabeth road to the cool leafy Plaatbos indigenous forest. You will pass the Segway centre, some eateries, a craft beer brewery and the canopy tour company.

The space

My house is in a large peaceful garden.
Guests are welcome to share the kitchen and lounge where there is a slow combustion stove which my son or I light on cold days.
The Within 1km there are restaurants, a hotel and local brewery, groceries and booking offices for different adventures. The gate to Plaatbos indigenous forest is 2 km away and a short walk through our 'Fynbos' is close to my house.

Guest access

My property is fenced and guests will enter from Fynbos street into the property through a gated entrance for safe parking. The gate is electronically opened and closed. Guests can walk freely in my lovely large garden with winding pathways which lead to a vegetable and herb garden and a chicken enclosure and bee hives on the Eastern side.

During your stay

Guests are welcome to contact me or my son via a phone call or can access with a knock on our door as we both live on the property.

I live in the large loft space.

My son Nicholas lives in the his apartment cum studio next to the main house.
Two dogs, Perry and Chooky, and Jean Gray, my son's cat, share the property with us.
Also some chickens and bees in 2 beehives.

Other things to note

Eco-friendly life style:
The garden is large, I protect all wild life in it and I use no insecticides.
Rain water is collected via roof gutters into 3 tanks. A 4th tank holds ground water.
The liquid soaps I provide are eco-friendly.
The toilet paper is made from sugar cane pulp.
I recycle everything:
Glass and recyclable plastics and milk boxes and tins are collected by a company on Fridays.
Compost is made with vegetable peels, cardboard, tissues from kitchen and newspaper on which my chickens have pooped.
Grey water from showers and basins go back into the earth.
Black water from toilets go into 2 underground tanks where beneficial organisms process the contents. Then that water is filtered through a French drain and it goes back into the earth.


Contact Information

 Erf 8, Fynbos stree, Storms River Village


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