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There is something to be said about a community of people pulling together for the greater good of their village. And in Storms River Village, that is exactly the kind of community that exists.

This past week, a community meeting was held to keep residents and business owners alike informed of all the inner workings and progress of the various organizations that keep our Village safe, secure and, quite simply, a wonderful place in which to live.

A wonderful presentation was given by the STORMS NPC, highlighting all that has been achieved in the past year, thanks to the many efforts by various committed members of the community. A few key points: Crime in Storms River Village is virtually non-existent after a continuous downward trend in the last 10 years, a state of the art security camera has been installed at the entrance to the village, enabling the NPC security team to monitor any potential criminal activity, and community support is at an all time high.

Other speakers at the meeting included representatives from our local Police Service, Traffic Department and Municipality, enlightening the community as to the various challenges each department faces due to a lack of funding, despite their determination to serve the Village to the best of their ability. Transparency was the theme of the evening, as constructive conversations were held as to how the community as a whole could assist.

One highlight of the evening was the awarding of the AC Whitcher Trophy to Constable Shaun Smit, for “Star of the Quarter”, a joint initiative by the STORMS NPC and SAPS to recognize our local Police Officers for their dedication and service.

Delightful refreshments and snacks were supplied to all in attendance by The Village Inn and Ingrid’s High Tea, and delicious local supper was available on order by Kasi Corner. Although almost 40 community members were in attendance, perhaps the most important attendee was the Village’s most charming resident, Buster!

One Reply to “A Community Working Together!”

  1. Jan du Rand says:

    How proud am I to be resident for the past 44 years in Storms River and saw the village grow and now blooming under the watchful, caring, energetic and intellligent eye of the NCP team. Thanx much appreciated.

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