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STARS – Stormsriver Animal Rescue Service, completed a massive initiative this week to prevent unwanted breeding amongst the local dogs in the Storms River community. 

STARS assists with the care, treatments, transport and many emergency incidents regarding the abuse, neglect and other needs of animals in the area.
It is manned by volunteers and is completely reliant on community support and donations.

Dr. Renée van Oudtshoorn, a veterinary surgeon who does outreach with her wonderfully joyful team, of a second veterinary surgeon and 3 assistants, visited Storms River on 11th and 12th December 2023. 50 dogs were sterilized. Dr Renée’s motto is: “Living with purpose and passion”. Some members of the team do this purely as a service to the community with no monetary reward.

Estelle Hester, the leader of the STARS pack expresses her gratitude to the community:

“On behalf of STARS, I have a multitude of people to thank. Thank you to the Storms River companies, residents, and friends for funding this project to the tune of R27,500. Thanks to Garth, Howard, and the council of the Anglican church hall for giving us the hall at no fee. We will do some gardening in the church grounds to reciprocate. Johan and Elzette of TASTE BISTRO for donating drinks and supper for the team of six on Monday, 11 December. Bev Coetzee of TSITRUS CAFE for a tramezzini lunch and Simba of TSITSIKHAYA for toasted sandwiches on day 1. Loekie Heunis and Candy White for a delicious sandwich lunch on day 2. Luke, Walter, and Johannes for locking up, cleaning, organizing the dog owners, and setting up. Thanks Dean, for fixing dog collars and Michelle’s son, Matt for the loan of a gazebo and overseeing the erecting of 2 more gazebos which were loaned from Welcome Grootboom and Gretha ‘s parents. Monty, thanks for towing the water tank. Amanda, Kathy, Marie, and Loekie, for manning the registration table and monitoring dogs. Jan, Graeme and Angelo, who carried and monitored recovering dogs, helped pack and offload the trailer. For Jerome for helping me criss-cross the streets to transport dogs and being a star to identify houses and owners, and find extra dogs to sterilize and clean the hall on Wednesday 13th very thoroughly. I had the help of a very active and enthusiastic team.”

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