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On November 30th, 2023, local Storms River resident and community leader, Joslin Bauer, was awarded the prestigious Women in Conservation Kudu Award for Youth Empowerment by SANParks. This award recognizes and celebrates women that are groundbreakers in the area of conservation, environmental education, tourism and socio-economic development areas.

However, when speaking with Joslin about this honour, she emphatically states, “The award may have my name on it, but it belongs to the Earthlings. This award is for them and because of them.”

In 2019, Joslin began taking walks in the forests every Saturday morning with any local children who wanted to join her. Her goal? To bring the kids into a natural environment and reignite the natural curiosity we are all born with. Having grown up in nearby Goesa, Joslin is keenly aware of the lack of activities and opportunities available to our local children. Her passion for creating a positive environment for these children is plainly evident when you spend just five minutes with them. 

I had the privilege of joining the Earthlings this past Saturday on their weekly walk. Hearing the excited chatter and laughter of more than 30 children passing my house, I had no choice but to run after them and ask if I could tag along. I was instantly welcomed into the group as if I had been there every week. They proudly took turns holding and walking with their Kudu Award, each one gazing at the trophy with wonder when they thought no one was looking. Witnessing the confidence and knowledge of the Earthlings firsthand is a testament to the work Joslin is doing. A few of the older children have been walking with her since the beginning, and it is wonderful to see them respected by the younger children as leaders of the group.

There is no doubt that something seemingly as simple as walking in nature will have a lasting impact on the lives of these Earthlings.

“For me, it’s fun. It’s really simple. If you want to start something, it comes from the heart. There’s nothing easier than when it comes from the heart.” – Joslin Bauer

5 Replies to “Local Earthlings bring home Prestigious Kudu Award”

  1. Cindy Osborne says:

    Awesome Jos🥰 you really are an extraordinary human being sis. You are grooming the leaders of tommorrow..Keep on doing what you love to do. Much respect and Love. Go Earthlings💃💃💃💃

  2. Laverne Mitchell says:

    This is really amazing Jos❤️ you are one in a million that is why I love and respect you so much. You truly are a blessing for the children out there. Keep on doing this great work🙏🙏🙏

  3. Anthea plaatjies says:

    Well done cuz you realy are one of a kind keep up the good work😘

  4. Kathy Wayland says:

    Keep up the good work Jos. Let’s hope each and everyone of those kids turns out exactly like you!

  5. Kathy Wayland says:

    Keep up the good work Jos. Let’s hope each and every one of those kids turns out with a passion exactly like yours!

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