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Our village was dazzled on Friday evening, 3rd November, as the Montessori Tsitsikamma School, together with Music Sprouts, showcased their annual production, this year’s theme being ” The Enchanted Forest”. And what an enchantment it was!

The Montessori children appeared on stage adorned in beautiful cloaks and flower crowns as they paid tribute to our magnificent indigenous trees as Kings and Queens of the forest. What followed was an entertainment packed show, remarkably impressive considering our performers were all between the age of 3 and 7 years. Appearing throughout the concert were all manner of enchanted creatures – fairies, goblins, witches, wolves, fireflies, dragons and even a human ice statue!

The audience was also spoiled with live instrumental performances from the Music Sprouts teachers and pupils, getting the opportunity to hear the beautiful tones of violins, guitars, a ukulele and a viola rising up into the twilight sky.

The community supported in true Storms River fashion and the lawn was filled with eager parents, grandparents and friends, all cheering on our young performers. Although rain was forecast for the evening, Mother Nature kindly held off until the concert had concluded, before opening the clouds and sending everyone dashing for cover.

It certainly was a magical night to remember!

2 Replies to “Local School Concert Enchants our Village”

  1. Kathy Wayland says:

    It certainly looks enchanting!
    So sorry that we missed it.
    Well done, Montessori Tsitsikamma and Music Sprouts for your celebration of our precious forests.

  2. Estelle Hester says:

    I love children’s concerts and i have attended Montessori Tsitsikamma every year. It is always magical.

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