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Our unique and naturally beautiful landscape of abundant fauna and flora, adventure and opportunity for self-indulgence is made even better by Storms River Village having one of the lowest crime rates per capita in South Africa – and that’s the way we want to keep it!

As it would be in any community with high values, crime prevention is infinitely better than post-crime cure, and that’s where our digital sentry comes in.  Digital eyes that welcome and look over our visiting tourists, product and service suppliers and residents – who all want peace and harmony. Our super-smart sentry is also linked to a national database of ‘flagged’ vehicles carrying less ethical products and those with less honourable intentions. Crimals don’t like our sentry and we don’t like them. As statistics show, a digital sentry tends to move criminals on in the fear they are apprehended. And, with our ever-vigilant police and private security companies, the probability is high.

Feeling safe in a great place is our mantra.

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